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Sustainable business growth is your goal.

Scaling up efficiently and effectively is your challenge.

We address it with you.


Scale2Growth bridges CFO capabilities that start-ups, small to mid-size companies need until it is time to hire a full time CFO. We save hours of valuable time for business leaders and reduce business risk in deploying core methodology and tools to:

  • Deliver strategic planning;

  • Optimize cash management;

  • Implement a robust General &Admin infrastructure; and

  • Foster organizational capabilities for sustainable growth.


Scale2Growth provides services to CEO's and executive leadership teams of start-ups and small to mid- size companies that are experiencing rapid employee or revenue growth, or both in:

  • Biotech

  • Healthcare

  • Life Sciences

  • SaaS


Our services are tailored to each client business model and size. We bring clarity regarding the roadmap for scaling up capabilities. 

We strike the balance between innovation and speed to opportunity, and discipline and structure in building the core business infrastructure.

We achieve a positive impact to the bottom line thanks to  resource optimization and cost savings.

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