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“Solange is great CFO, a great operator and a great strategist

 At several key points in Ionpath's journey, she provided insights that were transformative for our business and I often wonder where we would be without her advice and counsel.  She is the rare consultant who cared about my business's success just as much as the founding team and who was willing to work just as hard to drive results.  Should you be lucky enough to work with Solange, she will bring an extraordinary level of depth and breadth to your team and will do everything possible to ensure your success."

Harris Feinberg, CEO of Ionpath.

“At BlueBee we are a fast growing, highly scalable life sciences business. Solange joined us to team up with our CFO to help accelerate the setup of our global finance processes and more importantly so to support our fund-raising activities and investor relations. With her vast network in the financial world, investors and bankers, she made an impactful contribution by way of opening doors, supporting business plan development and board interactions. With her experience in several multi-national corporations, her flair in developing personal interactions with all stakeholders and her eye for detail, she has been a game-changer for BlueBee’s growth.”

Hans Cobben, CEO of BlueBee.

“I approached Solange at Scale2Growth as my business was beginning to ramp and I needed to introduce a financial infrastructure and processes to ensure I could scale. In addition I was planning a capital raise and needed to develop a solid business model for the next phase of the company. Having worked with Solange previously I knew that she would be the right partner for me. She was efficient, pragmatic and worked with the existing administration team to build on our existing infrastructure and ensure that we had the right processes to grow to the next stage. She also helped me structure the capital plan for the company, assisted in securing more funding and structuring a major deal. Finally, she identified the profile of the finance leadership we would need and helped me hire that person. It was great to work with Solange and I would recommend her to any small company who is looking for help with developing their financial infrastructure.”


Yvonne Linney, CEO of Transcriptic.

"We engaged with Marc Dentand for strategic financial advice. What was crucial for us was Marc’s ability to combine business insights from different sectors and integrate them into one aligned strategic plan that was ready to work with, agile and adaptable to changing environments. Marc’s honest and open approach, never avoiding the tough questions and discussions, was crucial in this process and made our collaboration a very successful journey."

Ingrid Brands MD PhD, CEO BioStrand

“We had the pleasure of working with Solange as we migrated away from both temporary CFO and temporary accountant roles.  During this transition Solange contributed in many ways: 

 1) Playbook:  For our stage of company she provided a playbook for us to use.  This included timelines, tax schedules, time saving software, policies, and other best practices.

 2) Relevant Contacts: She introduced us to her set of contacts (ie. banking, audits).  In the case of banking, we were able to take on a debt

arrangement.  In the case of audit, she helped us successfully navigate our first external audit. 


  3) Strategic Advisor:  Solange's deep understanding of the fund-raising process within the life sciences industry enabled us to more intelligently seek a series B round.  This included looking at our financial modeling and advising on appropriate ratios, amount to be raised as well as input on the Series B term sheet. 

Although her contractual agreement is finished, Solange continues to be a sounding board for the company.”

John Lindgren, VP of Finance Clear Labs.

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